MP Mini Delta 3D Printer

The lowest priced professional quality

3D Printer in the world.

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auto bed leveling

What Makes the MP Mini Delta Different?

Durable | Easy to Use | Professional Quality Prints

Heated Print Bed

Ready to print right out of the box. It comes as a unibody, all-metal construction, that requires no hardware to put together. Simply attach the filament holder, load the filament and you're ready to print!

Fully Assembled

The heated build plate maintains a temperature from 50-100°C to improve print quality and reliability with different filaments. It's also removable, making it easy to remove your finished print.

The delta self-calibrates before every print, so you will never have to struggle with bed leveling.

Auto Bed Leveling

Don’t be locked into one maker of filament. You can use any 1.75mm filament from any of the leading brands, including Monoprice’s own.

Open Filament

Replacement Parts

Endless Printing Possibilites


3D Models

and so much more!

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